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Global Encounters:Cross-cultural Representations of Taiwan

Edited by Paoi Hwang
Written in English
ISBN: 978-986-03-5413-3 / Paperback / NT$400 / January 2013


Global Encounters全書以英文呈現,由來自加拿大、香港、新加坡、英國、美國、臺灣等不同地域的專家學者,試以超越國族意識的框架,透過跨文化論述的觀點,進行「臺灣認同與國家地位」的辯證,同時也提醒我們:


Taiwan’s status as an island surrounded by powerful nation states has forced upon it a history of permeable borders and an ever fluctuating cultural subjectivity.  Originally inhabited by Austronesian tribal peoples, the island has over the centuries fallen under the political, economic, and cultural influences of the Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese occupiers. Globalization has further transformed and complicated Taiwan’s vistas of political reforms, cultural productions, and ethnic re-composition. Such gradual but radical transformation has, in countless ways, encouraged the nation-state identity and identification to vacillate between insularism and globalization. This collection is an example of the multitude of voices that speak for Taiwan. These selected essays, contributed by scholars from different countries (Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, and USA), engage with the debates on Taiwan’s identity and nationhood while also attempting to step beyond the nationalistic frame. Whereas the openness to new ideas may alter our perspectives, this collection reminds us to embrace external influences without forgetting to celebrate our unbroken, unique historical legacy.




The Voyage of the Sandeq Explorer: A Taiwanese Adventure in the Austronesian World
by Terence Russell

Tribal Gothic: Supernatural Images of Resurrection and Insurrection in Taiwanese Aboriginal and New Zealand Maori
Writing by Timothy Fox

Where Is Her(e): Métissage as Indigenous Intervention in Taiwanese Liglav A-Wu’s Who Will Wear the Beautiful Garments I Weave? and Canadian Lee Maracle’s I Am Woman: A Native Perspective on Sociology and Feminism
by Bennett Yu-hsiang Fu

Risky Fiction: Betrayal and Romance in The Jing Affair
by Chih-ming Wang

Heart of Madness: Identity Crisis and Cultural Conflicts in the Colonial World
by Paoi Hwang

Alienation, Marginality, and the Re-Imagination of Cultural Identity: The Impact of Colonialism and Shi Shuqing’s Defamiliarization of Taiwan and Hong Kong
by Isaac Yue

Transcending Intellectual Boundaries: The Lyrical Phenomena of Fang Wenshan
by Lim Lee Ching

The Vanishing Self: A Suggestion
by John Wu, Jr.

Elliptical Taiwan or On Beauty
by Jeremy Fernando

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